Battery Back-ups

Until recently solar panels operated only when the grid system was up and running and utility power was available. When the grid went down, the electricity from your solar panels was not used. Solar panels provide you with independence from utility company price hikes, the power to reduce your carbon footprint, and the ability to save money while the sun is shining. When emergency strikes, and your grid is down, battery back-ups enable you to store energy for use during power outages and emergencies. Solar battery back-ups have become a popular way to gain more energy independence.

Battery Back-ups allow you to store energy while the sun is shining and use energy at night and on cloudy days. Excess power can often be sold back to the utility company at a wholesale rate, only to be bought back from them at at higher rate during a time of need. You could use that excess power to be stored in a battery back-up system that provides you with a greater degree of energy independence. It works seamlessly with your solar panels to provide your home with clean, quiet stored solar electricity in the event of an outage. Battery sizes will depend on the number of circuits you want fed by the secured power. Most customers do not need the entire house connected for short potential blackout periods, just a number of critical household appliances like the refrigerator, lights or AC unit.

Your home or business can receive energy from three sources: your solar panels, a battery storage system, or the utility electricity grid. Solar batteries are a specific type of battery designed for regular deep cycling so that you can draw the most energy out of the batteries on a regular basis while maintaining an efficient battery life.

Use your existing solar grid-tied system during emergency power outages with solar battery back up systems. Call Guardian Solar today for a free estimate on installation, or including this in your package for new solar panel installation.