Guardian Solar’s management team can help plan/coordinate your commercial solar installation, including: design, install, external city and utility inspectors. Allowing us the ability to manage the project from start to finish and keep you apprised of our progress every step of the way. Guardian Solar’s team has years of extensive training and experience to build your system to our high standards.

Take advantage of open roof space, or the vast parking lot of your business. Reduce operating costs immediately with reduction in utility. Lock in energy costs for years to come by using the world’s most renewable energy source, the sun! Many businesses save 15-25% in after tax returns generating thousands of dollars in savings per year. Produce clean, cost efficient energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Being green is good for business. It makes a powerful statement to your customers and your employees that your business cares about the environment for future generations to come.

Guardian Solar provides commercial energy solutions for businesses of all sizes with access to reduce or eliminate utility dependency. Comprehensive planning ensures satisfaction and a quality job done right. Our experience in the solar industry will be a valuable asset to your business throughout the planning and installation phases of your project. Schools, banks, and organizations across Florida are going solar. Controlling your energy costs is just the beginning, solar energy for your business can be a bigger part of sustainability lowering your overall operating costs.

While rooftop solar panels may not be an ideal option for all businesses given size or shared space, carports are an excellent alternative or addition to providing space for more panels. Business owners can benefit from large parking areas which can provide enough carport panels to power the majority of the business’ energy needs. Learn more about utilizing solar carports or installing them for additional space for panels.

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