Solar Attic Fans

solar attic fanSolar attic fans ventilate your attic using clean, renewable solar energy. You can reduce heat transfer into your home and keep the air flowing in your attic.

There are pros and cons to installing solar attic fans. The biggest pro is that it uses free energy from the sun’s rays and they do not exhaust hot air. They are also very quiet. They can be installed on any roof type, and minimize the load on your HVAC system.

The cons, are that it requires direct sunlight, and as the sun sets, the fan stops- which in some opinion could be a time when attic fans could be most beneficial.

The solar panels need to be installed where they will not be inhibited buy shade, and will get the most direct rays from the sun from noon until sunset, which is the time of day you need those blades to be moving at full speed. The larger your attic space, naturally the more fans you will require.

Proper ventilation removes excess heat build-up and cooling your attic during hot summer months can help reduce AC costs, and extend the life of your roof shingles. Improper ventilation during cooler months can lead to moisture buildup that can cause mold growth. Solar attic fans can pull moisture and hot air out of your attic, helping to keep your home cooler and attic drier.

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