Solar Carports

solar carportYou may have noticed this new trend popping up in parking lots near you. Solar carports are an excellent way to provide shade for parked cars and double as well used space for solar panels. They have certainly increased in popularity especially in the last few years. Tall commercial properties typically have small amounts of roof space, but parking garages and large parking lots eliminate this issue. You can take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity and providing shade! It not only protects vehicles from the harsh¬†effects of the sun but also minimizes radiant heat transfer which requires more of the car’s energy to cool down. Solar carports are gaining in popularity in the field of renewable energy for both commercial properties and homeowners.

Solar carports offer great advantages for homes and businesses alike:

  • They offer simplified and economic solutions to complex and expensive roof mounted solar systems
  • They offer shade in Florida’s hot sunny days for parking your vehicle
  • Solar carport systems require little to no maintenance and allow for easy access to replace or repair
  • By utilizing carports you can extend and increase the overall energy production with space for more panels

Solar energy is infinite and inexhaustible. The potential for Solar PV is endless. Living and working in the sunshine state provides us with opportunities unlike other states. Take advantage of our natural resources, become independent from the utility companies and go green! Read more information below from national news sources:

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