Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water heaters are environmentally friendly and are now able to blend with the architecture of your rooftop. Solar heaters convert the sun’s renewable energy by using a solar thermal collector.

Save hundreds of dollars a year alone, by heating your hot water with a solar water heater.

Basic components of a solar hot water heating system*:

  • Collectors to take the heat from the sun and pass it to a fluid
  • The heat transfer fluid that takes the heat from the collector for use or storage
  • Heat exchangers to transfer the heat from a fluid to a home’s domestic water
  • Pumps to move the fluid through the collector and/or the exchanger, and sometimes to move the domestic water through the other side of the exchanger
  • Controllers to run the pumps when there is collector heat available

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While the financial impact and environmental impact may not be as great as whole house solar panels, solar water heaters are a great step towards utility independence. The savings may help you recoup your investment dollars much faster than solar electric, which makes this investment an attractive option.

Solar hot water heaters are appropriate for any size household. Sizing a system can be fairly straightforward. Your solar storage tank needs to be equal to or greater than your daily usage. The average person in a household uses about 20 gallons of hot water a day. Of course each household and the need will vary, it is always best to call and have out to evaluate the roof and potential shade. We can provide you with a professional estimate and all costs involved.