“Guardian Solar installed a 6Kw PV system on my roof and in my garage. Danny came out for measurements prior to the install and provided a copy of the engineering drawing and all permits and paperwork at installation. The panels were securely installed on the roof, the inverter was installed very nicely in the garage and all wiring was run through EMT, the nice metallic tubing. When the county inspector came out he was impressed by the work and even noted that Guardian’s installation practices were above and beyond what the code requires. Seven months later and everything is running smoothly still. The entire process was smooth and easy dealing with Guardian Solar. From the initial inquiry to start up they were timely and very helpful. Angie in the office even completed the paperwork required for the rebates and electrical connection. When I got the go ahead from the power company to turn on the system, the panels did not work right and Danny came out the next day to correct the issue. Excellent customer service!!!”

Barro Residence 2011

“Just had solar electric installed by guardian solar and this is the first time I’m looking forward to my first electric bill the system looks wonderful on my roof thank you for all your hard work”

Sciolino Residence 2012

“Danny came out and gave me his estimate. Very polite and quality of work was excellent. He removed old panels and readjusted the pitch on the panels. He and his crew made sure the area was clean and took all of the old panels away. Called on the day of service and was there when he said he would be. Started the job completed it in just a few hours. Took off the old panels and replaced them with the new ones. Danny and his crew cleared all the old unit away and walked around to see it was working correctly. He showed me how to operate it and said if I had any problems or questions don’t hesitate to call him. I would recommend him to all.”

McDonough Residence 2012

“What a great job. Installation, system layout, planning and installation were perfect. We have a multifacted roof and he planned and installed the best solar pool system I have seen. Nice neat work, gave me a lot more panels than the other people I had quote the job, and I Could not be happier. No one should use anything but solar in Florida and this is the third house and third system we have installed. Call this guy for a quick quote, great job and very fair price. It was perfect from start to finish. Installed 9 panels and complete system.”

Cooper Residense 2012

“Guardian Solar domestic hot water package, w/ AET 40 square foot collector and 80 gallon storage tank, pump and controls, removal of old hot water tank. I had a very simple install because of the proximity of the existing water heater and asphalt roof. Danny and his two guys showed up and did a very professional and quick install of the solar water heater. Funny and friendly to boot, it turns out all three were ex pats from Massachusetts like my wife and I. Danny was also quick to respond to any calls after the sale (none of them problems with the system) We couldn’t be happier with the Guardian system, it’s been in about three weeks now and churning out huge amounts of hot water. The tank is set for 150F max, and I reset the electric backup to 105F to maximize the solar input, while still maintaining sufficient shower temperature in the furthest shower. We’ve had 80 gallons worth heated by the sun to 150F almost every day (St Pete area) usually between about 11AM to 4 PM. This is in the record cold period we’ve experienced this year (2010) through mid March. I would definitely use Guardian Solar again, and am now looking for more uses for all the hot water this system is making!”

Pinto Residence 2010