Why Solar?

When you live in the sunshine state, the answer to this question should be obvious. With nearly 250 days of cloudless sun, we live in an optimal state to take advantage of the sun’s energy.

solar-saves-moneySaving money is a great reason to go solar. If you think utility rates are going down any time soon, you may be mistaken. While the cost of producing that energy increases, those expenses are passed on to us. The actual cost of savings will vary from household to business. Most homeowners and business owners have reported savings from 50-90% In some cases it may be possible to produce enough energy to sell back to the utility company. Aside from monthly savings, having solar energy could increase the resale value of your home or business. Having a professional evaluation will help you compare the cost vs. savings, as a quick estimate, check out our calculate your savings page for a rough idea.


power-linesSell Your Power to the Grid! Cutting costs of electricity is a great money saving idea, but what if you could sell the energy you harness from your solar panels? That’s right! in some cases you are able to create enough energy to power your entire household and sell power back to the utility company. That’s what I call making your money work for you! Call us to discuss your options.


GreenPlugDefusedReduce your emissions. Solar panels enable you to reduce your use of conventional energy and consumption by oil drilling or fossil fuels. Solar energy is responsible, renewable, and dependable. Typical solar systems installed reduce CO2 emissions by more than half. Learn more about renewable energy here

solar-saving-rebatesUpfront incentives! Make the most of rebates and incentives. We will guide you through the available incentives to help offset the costs of installing solar panels. Tax credits and government rebates vary from state to state, and not everything you read on the internet is accurate, crazy- I know! Guardian Solar will walk you through what is available for you to take advantage of every opportunity to save you money! Click here for up to date information on current rebates and incentives, or call today.


As fuel prices continue to rise, families and businesses everywhere face higher costs of living. Solar is the world’s largest abundant energy source. Solar is a cleaner, safer investment for your family and business. Enjoy an immediate relief from high cost energy bills and increase your home or building’s value.